Costa Rica Candelaria Estate Gesha

Costa Rica Geisha Finca Candelaria

Feel like the king of the castle with a cup that’s befitting of royalty!  Geisha beans have been in existence for nearly a century and yield a delightfully vibrant and zesty citrus flavor when brewed.  Having originally been discovered in Ethiopia, constant exporting to different countries and growing climates caused this unique coffee to almost fall out of existence, but it’s now carefully grown and managed at the La Candelilla Estate in Costa Rica and has been for well over a decade.  The optimal growing climate ensures that this bean will continue to thrive, and the uniquely robust flavors can be enjoyed for many more generations to come!

Flavor Hints: Vibrant, Citrus, Jasmine, Bergamot

Altitude 1300-1700 meters

Processing Washed

Producer La Candelilla Estate

Origin Costa Rica

Region Finca La Candelilla

Whole Bean (Only)