Panama Boquete - SHB EP - Camiseta Estate

Begin with subtle notes of ripened fruit and add in the mellow notes of dark chocolate for a cup of coffee with a flavor profile that’s reminiscent of your favorite chocolate covered fruits!  Belonging to a family of premium coffees known as “Baru Indian High,” the beans are cultivated from the soils of the Camiseta Estate found within Panama and are tended to by the Suarez family.   Due to the excellent year-round climate of the area, including minerals and nutrients that are naturally fused into the soil as a result of the nearby Baru Volcano, these premium beans thrive and yield a blend that is sweet on the tip of your tongue, but is light and clean and won’t weight down your taste buds.


Dominate Flavor Hints: Fresh, Clean, Dark Chocolate, Ripe Fruit

Altitude 1300-2000m

Processing Washed

Producer Single Estate

Origin Panama

Region Boquete

Brew Parameters

Espresso: 18gr x 0:24-25 = 38gr

8oz Pour-over: 21g x 2:05 = 225gr

1/2 Gallon: 125g x 5:00

3 Liter: 165gr x 4:30

1 Gallon: 225gr x 5:00 

2 Gallon: 430gr x 5:30