Rwanda Nyamagabe - FT Organic

Rwanda Nyamagabe

A bright, citrusy brew that’ll fill your home with the crisp aroma of lush fruit fields!  You’re in for a tasty combination that’s sure to perk up your senses and keep you alert all day long. Produced at the esteemed Buf Café washing station in south-central Rwanda, this unique blend is roasted under the watchful eye of the Muhirwa family. Manufacturing beans that meet the exacting Rwandan standards for coffee production requires skill, patience, and a passion for cultivating some of the world’s finest coffees, three qualities that you’ll experience time and again with every sip. 


Flavor Hints: Chocolate, Cherry, Mandarin, Bright

Altitude 1660 Meters

Processing Washed

Producer  Muhirwa family

Origin Rwanda

Region Nyamagabe


Brew Parameters

Espresso: 19gr x 0:25 = 36gr

8oz Pour-over: 23g x 2:15 = 225gr

1/2 Gallon: 128g x 5:00

3 Liter: 167gr x 4:30

1 Gallon: 228gr x 5:00 

2 Gallon: 442gr x 5:30