Guatemala Huehuetenango

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB EP - Finca El Tesoro

Referred to by locals as “Café de la Paz,” which translates to Coffee of Peace, this brew is for those special moments that call for the company of great friends and good food. The bold, heavy nature of this cup is not for the faint of heart.  An exquisite combination of rich chocolate, roasted almonds and dried fruits is on display, vying for your own personal stamp of approval, one that we’re sure you’ll gladly bestow after your first sip. These beans represent another great coffee from the masterful Arenas family and Finca El Tesoro, located in the La Quiche department of Guatemala. The Arenas have been producing coffee for more than 100 years, exhibiting a passion that is matched only by their tireless work towards improving living and working conditions for their Guatemalan brethren.


Dominate Flavor Hints: Almond, Savory Fruits, Full Bodied

Altitude 1100m

Processing Washed

Producer Single Estate

Origin Guatemala

Region Huehuetenango

Brew Parameters

Espresso: 18gr x 0:24-25 = 38gr

8oz Pour-over: 20g x 2:05 = 225gr

1/2 Gallon: 119g x 5:00

3 Liter: 160gr x 4:30

1 Gallon: 220gr x 5:00 

2 Gallon: 400gr x 5:30